The final price point of the spiral (today's price) is now updated throughout the day.

Special thanks to Kraken for the data via their API.

That rainbow bar at the bottom right of the image now shows three ATH blobs - this is to avoid confusion with the single blob being interpreted as progress to the next halvening.

The data feed from CoinDesk continues to be unreliable and so we have switched to Kraken and their API for prices from 1st May 2022 onwards.

Thanks Kraken!

CoinDesk had a break in their data feed. When they restored the data (thank you to them) there was a bit of a gap in the graph. That's now fixed with the manual insertion of the missing prices.

Thank you to Evolution Computing for hosting the site.

Bitcoin has been having a hard time recently. Here's an updated chart showing Bitcoin's falls from its ATHs (All Time Highs).

Updated: 20-May-2022

As a new year starts we rotate the plot 90 degrees anticlockwise so our plot goes up and to the right - we like graphs that do that. 

I've had it in my mind to produce a chart showing Bitcoin's falls from its ATHs (All Time Highs). Here's the result...

Spreading the love is nice but it would be wonderful to think that somebody, somewhere thought the charts worth a few Satoshis...

Even 1,000 Sats would make my day!

Money, fame and glory would be nice but after much deliberation I've decided I just want to share the love.

The original idea was to generate a polar chart for every day and make them available as NFTs. I hoped that some days would be more notable than others and might attract a nice price - such as the day Bitcoin hits $100,000 as it surely will.

The only problem was the navigation of the NFT arena: scripts to make a new image on a daily basis, calls to API's, entering a new crypto arena (Etheruem) and getting lambasted by the purist Bitcoin warriors for using OpenSea that builds on Ethereum. 

Quite simply, go to Custom Charts and generate your own chart.

Date - any date from 17th July 2010 to present

Text - anything you like but not too long (leave blank for the "1 BTC = xxx' message)

The resultant image will be 4000 pixels wide which is certainly good enough to print as 12" but you could probably get away with 24"